Advanced Labor Doula Care

Considering hiring a labor doula to assist you with your birth? Are you also drawn to midwifery care? Perhaps a hybrid offering is what you’re after. Advanced labor doula (monitrice) care combines the support of a doula with the medical training of a midwife. This gives laboring clients optimal support and continuity of care for their hospital birth.

midwife with knowledge and experience

I support your decision-making.

Maybe you want the benefits of partnering with a midwife for your pregnancy and birth, but home birth is not right for you. I support your decision-making.

I believe in every family making choices that feel right for them. When you consider your medical risks, or your home life, or your comfort level with giving birth at home, you may decide that it’s not for you. (If you’re seriously considering home birth, I encourage you, together with your partner, to review my articles here, here, here, and here.)

What does an advanced monitrice labor doula do?

Just like a labor doula, I provide emotional and physical support for birth. As a midwife, my additional skills and training can help you to labor and give birth peacefully. I monitor you in active labor at home, taking your vital signs, listening to your baby’s heartbeat, and doing cervical exams if you desire. Together, we decide when to transfer to the hospital, and I assist you in that process.

Once you are at the hospital, I continue to support you for your birth and stay for one to two hours after birth to assist you with lactation needs.

Care package options to suit every budget.

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