I give a lot of time and attention to the clients I am currently serving, and I limit the number of clients I take on at any given time. I additionally work in the office mostly on my own, with little administrative assistance. Prospective and current clients are the highest priority.

Prospective clients

please call me at 920-659-0267 so that we can chat and discuss your specific concerns and arrange an in-person meeting, complete with a warm cup of tea.

Current Clients

please message me via your client portal for non-urgent needs, and phone 920-659-0267 if you are having an urgent concern. (I will also make you a cup of tea!)

Student Midwives

If you are a student midwife seeking an apprenticeship, you are encouraged to explore thoroughly the information found at the North American Registry of Midwives, Midwives Alliance of North America, and the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives. I am a preceptor for student midwives, and will consider new students. Students who have thoroughly researched the profession, are actively involved in didactic work, and have basic clinical skills are welcome to send a thoughtful, well-written letter of application along with a curriculum vitae to: Anja Farin, 3049 E Canary St, Appleton WI 54915.

If you belong to none of the above groups, you are welcome to fill out the website contact form, and your message will be answered as time and energy allows.

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