I’m Now At 920 Wellness Studio

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I’m Now At 920 Wellness Studio

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve joined the amazing practitioners at 920 Wellness Studio, 4076 W Spencer St., Appleton. It’s been fun to have my midwifery practice back in Appleton, and closer for more folks from all the locations I cover.

My husband and I hauled all my stuff right before the polar vortex came on full force. It was still REALLY cold that weekend. We’ve got all the basics there, and just have to do a little more work hanging things up, and moving things around. I’m really ready to just stay put for a while now.

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My new office

There’s a lot going on at 920 Wellness Studio, and a lot going on in my practice as well.

Here are some of the changes:
  1. Online Booking Yay! You can now schedule and reschedule your own appointments by clicking the “book appointment” link on my home page.
  2. Jane App + Fullscript Double yay! The online scheduler integrates with my Fullscript dispensary, so your supplement suggestions will be right with your appointment booking, and you won’t have another place to have to log in to.
  3. Social Media Double the fun! Follow 920 Wellness Studio on Facebook,Instagram to keep up to date on events and offerings in the Studio as well as in my own practice.
  4. New Student I didn’t get a new student in the practice as a result of the move, it just happened to coincide. I hope that you meet Rhie Lorenz soon at an upcoming event or prenatal visit. She’s been studying midwifery for quite some time and is thoughtful, smart and kind. She’s already been a great addition to the practice, and I’m excited to watch the students grow.
What’s not changing:
  1. Client Care I’m still really happy with the Client Care platform for managing my charting and incoming and outgoing faxes. Your invoices, lab work, and records are all still there, and that is your portal for HIPPA secure messaging regarding your health care. Please note that the login URL has recently changed to reflect our time zone (Central).
  2. Time and Attention I’m doing my best to continue to give you all the time and attention that you deserve, even in the midst of moving and terrible winter weather. Please do let me know if I’ve missed anything, and I will remedy it ASAP. All of the changes are in the interest of being able to serve you better and better.

    Stay tuned for events and more announcements and stay warm and safe!

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