About Us

Every family deserves experienced guides as they navigate the twists and turns of fertility, pregnancy, and their new baby time. 

As we expand our wellness offerings, we can work with you to holistically embody the person you want to be throughout your lifespan.

Our mission is to provide modern, community-based, inclusive midwifery and health coaching for women and growing families in the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. 


Meet our Team

Rooted in my deep experience and knowledge of herbs, abdominal therapy, health coaching, and integrative and functional midwifery, my Milwaukee area based team and I are ready to assist you during this time of monumental transformation. Working in the midwifery model, we strive to build a cooperative partnership with families who wish to actively participate in their care decisions.

As an experienced preceptor and instructor, my practice offers midwifery students the opportunity to develop their skills and bring the current evidence from their studies into practice. These partnerships offer your family high quality care using modern best practices.

Anja Farin

Certified Professional Midwife
I am a Certified Professional Midwife, licensed in Wisconsin. My journey as a birth worker began with my own four births, all of which were un-medicated, one in a hospital setting, and three at home. These babies were raised with breast-sleeping, child-led weaning, attachment parenting, homeschooling and public schooling. And, as they are all adults now, I can assure you that they do eventually sleep in their own beds! As a doula and childbirth educator, I began serving families in 1997. After some time devoted to the above-mentioned parenting of four busy, growing children, I came back to the work of studying midwifery. I earned my CPM and Wisconsin license in 2010. I began studying Abdominal Therapy in 2013, with the methodology developed by Rosita Arvigo. I took a total of four week-long classes, including Advanced Pregnancy, and culminated in certification in the techniques in 2017 with the final class in Belize. I spent many years in various La Leche League groups gratefully receiving and eventually providing mother-to-mother support for breastfeeding parents. I became an advanced practice lactation consultant in 2016. My knowledge of herbs and supplements to support fertility, pregnancy, post-birth recovery, lactation and beyond deepened with a ten-month study in Women’s Integrative and Functional Medicine with Dr. Aviva Romm. The skills and knowledge I gained in that class have allowed me to add health coaching into my offerings. My family works behind the scenes to make the support of young families possible. In my free time, I love to garden, ride my bike, cross-country ski and sing.

Dana Hall

Office Manager
My journey into birth work began over 20 years ago. After two hospital births, we hired a Doula for our third baby. This led me down a path to becoming a Doula and having water births at home for my next three babies. I loved Doula work, but with six children to raise, I transitioned from on-call doula work to being a Co-Chair for C.A.R.E. Network of Wisconsin and working with families seeking a non-hospital birth at Well-Rounded Maternity Center birth center, which has since closed. When I’m not coordinating schedules for Anja & Erin, you will find me spending time with my own family enjoying the latest superhero movie with my kids, snuggling with my grandbabies, traveling with my husband or planning a new organizational project for our home. I look forward to connecting with you to schedule a consultation, coordinate your appointments, or answer any questions that you may have!

Erin Cassidente

I’ve wanted to become a midwife for a very long time and started school in 2020 towards a degree in direct-entry midwifery. I believe that how our children enter this world can set the stage for things to come. My three births at home were some of the most empowering and transformative moments of my life, and I hope to support you in having your own best experience while welcoming your child earthside. While raising my own five children, I worked part-time as a doula for over 20 years, taught some childbirth education classes, facilitated a support group for teen moms, a WIC breastfeeding group, parenting naturally, and c-section support groups. I also served in multiple capacities for C.A.R.E. Network of Wisconsin, a local support, education, and networking resource for midwives, doulas, and others working with birthing families. I value supporting birthing people and their families, how midwives safeguard emotional and physical health, and how birth has the power to transform or traumatize if not properly supported. When not working as a student midwife, I enjoy reading, improving my French, singing, playing guitar, and songwriting in addition to spending time with my family.